JGF Web Designs

Table of Rates and Terms

Service Description Rates
Business Card Site:
  • One page with contact Information
  • One photo or graphic
  • One or two paragraphs about your business
  • Up to 3 links to other sites
  • One e-mail address with spam guard on your domain
  • First Year domain registry
  • First year hosting
  • Contact information updated anytime
  • First year quarterly updates
$150 setup
$50 per year after the first year
  • Domain Renewal hosting
  • Quarterly updates

2 - 8 page sites include:

  • Average of 6 photos or graphics per page
  • one custom graphic or logo - based on your logo or letterhead
  • 3 e-mail addresses with spam guard on your domain (if hosted by jgfweb)
  • Content written by client and/or web designer
  • First Year quarterly updates
  • Contact information updated anytime
$100 per page
9 - 15 pages site as above $20 per page over 8 using same general layout
Over 15 pages Contact for Custom Quote
Custom Graphics   $30 per hour
Content Writing contracted to professional writer   Contact for Custom Quote
Add a static page to your existing jgfweb site text, photos, links, PDF, Flash Paper $20 per page
Add a dynamic page to your existing jgfweb site form, counter, timer, blog, guest book, scrolling text box, any client or server side scripting; with appropriate security $80 per page
Add JavaScript to your contact information to befuddle web crawlers and web bots Helps keep spam and nuisance calls down just ask!
Multi Page Site Updates after the first Year
  • Changes to Contact information always gratis
Monthly $40 per page per year
Quarterly $30 per page per year
Annual $20 per page per year
Hosting your jgfweb site with updates Under 400 MB disk space and 4 GB bandwidth $90 per year
More disk space or bandwidth Contact for Custom Quote
Hosting your jgfweb site with no updates Under 400 MB disk space and 4 GB bandwidth $65 per year
Updates over and above your plan OR any update requiring less than 48 hours turnaround   $40 per page per incident paid in advance
Research for keyword sponsorship, to improve search engine rankings   $50 per site, monthly fees to fit your budget
Database development / Shopping Cart   Contact for Custom Quote

Deposit required before work begins. Sites under $500 require a 50% deposit. Larger sites payment schedule to be negotiated with contract. Balance due when site is completed to your satisfaction.

Requested Considerations:

Because each designer has their own style of writing web sites and code, updates and redesigns of other designer's work must be quoted individually

All rates subject to change.